Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I have no sense for measurement, thanks for asking

This morning I very carefully poured water into my coffeepot to the 2-cup line. I am trying to cut down on the liquid crack. Unfortunately (fortunately? hm...) my ability to measure is pretty deficient, so I ended up with four cups. Yes, you did read that right. The worst part is that I was damn sure I poured two cups of water in the machine. And last time I ran it, it went the full time - so I don't believe there was any water still in the reservoir.

This is a long-standing affliction of mine. On more than one occasion, my fiancé has looked at me incredulously, hearing me say confidently, "Oh, it's about ten yards away..." and then carefully pointed out that it is, in fact, closer to ten feet. Ahem. I once mis-estimated that a 10-lb weight weighed "about a pound." Though I did warn my 6th-grade science teacher when he asked me to guess that I wouldn't be anywhere close.

It's a little weird, really. I can estimate the center of gravity for nearly any object, and I can tell immediately if two things are parallel or slightly askew - but when it comes to any kind of real measurement, I'm impaired.

Oh, well. More coffee for me - I couldn't let it go to waste, could I?

Still no contract from the realtor... despite my having been told twice yesterday (once at 11:20 and once at 2:30, thank you) that I would have it within two hours. I'm a bit irritated, but to be honest am getting weary of the whole process and no longer care. Either we'll get it, sign it, and buy a house... or we won't. To be honest, I'm feeling a little vindicated because my friends and family, seeing this process, finally realize that I was not exaggerating when I complained about Realtor's absentmindedness.

Anyway. I have a molecular biology test tomorrow; I should maybe study for it. Graduation is so close I can smell it - well, figuratively. To be honest, our graduation is being held in the gym, so I don't really want to smell it.

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