Thursday, May 8, 2008

good bye, cruel undergrad...

I am finally done! Unless I seriously overestimated my success on that molecular biology test, I believe I passed and am officially finished with "college."

Wow. Definitely an adult now, huh? No more excuses because I'm young and stupid.. from this point on, I'll just be stupid, which isn't nearly so endearing.

Anyway - we went and ordered a cake today!

No flowers on top, but that's the one... pretty, huh? It's traditional, and pretty, but not too frilly. And chocolate... mm.. yes. My dress may be about all the frilly this wedding can handle. Actually, I know it's about all the frilly that I can handle. I love it, really, though I perpetually make fun of myself for it. Not going to post a picture on the off chance that Fiancé finds this page - I don't care if he reads but he doesn't want to know what the dress looks like, and the temptation might be too much. lol

Sent the contract to the realtor... anyone reading, please cross your fingers or say a prayer for us! I'm not picky... any well-wishes will do. I'm trying not to get so excited about The House (as I think of it.) If we didn't get it, I'd be too upset if I'd already considered how lovely my teapots will look in the corner cabinet in the kitchen, or how nicely a vegetable garden would fit in the back corner of the yard. For example.

I'm at a loss. It's been so long since I didn't have homework or studying to do that I don't exactly know what to do with myself now. I think I'll maybe spend the rest of the afternoon with tea and Harry Potter.

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